Rico crews work to thaw out water lines

At the regular Rico Town Board meeting on Feb. 20, Town Clerk Linda Yellowman stated the Dolores County Planning Commission will start reviewing the Master Plan at their next meeting in February 2013.

The Rico Argentine Grille's liquor license expired Sept. 27 and they failed to renew it. The business can not serve liquor until they have a new license. Yellowman said she sent all the paperwork to Peter Kinnick in Omaha, Nebraska this week for a new license. As soon as she gets all the paperwork back from him, she will then set a date and post a 30-day notice at the premises. The approval of the license may not fall on the regular town board meeting, we may have to schedule a special town board meeting.

Town Maintenance Dennis Swank says he plowed snow for the town and removed snow on Highway 145. One water meter was frozen and has been thawed out. One service line froze and this line has frozen once and it thawed out in the spring and never had a problem with it again.

The 4-inch main water line broke behind the Post Office, the town called in locates and Patrick Drew with his leak detection equipment found the leak. The next day the dug it up and repaired the leak. Thanks to Mr. Drew and his leak detection equipment which saved the town a lot of time and labor. The main water line on Mill Road is frozen, a very low flow so we have to open the fire hydrant and let the water run and hoping to thaw out.

Town Manager Michael England reported that Steve Way is scheduled to attend the Feb. 20 meeting to present an overall review of the work completed at the St. Louis Tunnel Area and Blaine Tunnel last summer. The December 2012 and January 2013 report from Atlantic Richfield that was filed with EPA was submitted. Mr. Way will be able to explain the pilot water treatment plant that they are testing at the St. Louis Tunnel, also other items or questions that may be presented.

Rick Smith/SCAN Administrator and Doug Pace/Farmers Telephone will be present to further discuss the SCAN Project. Mr. England stated he requested if Farmers Telephone is interested in pursuing the fiber project in Rico that they come prepared to offer a proposal to the board for consideration. As stated at last month's meeting, the town needs to either move forward with a proposal from Farmers Telephone or let SCAN know if the town is interested in moving forward. Mr. England stated he met with Rick Smith and Susan Hakanson a couple of weeks ago. Ms. Hakanson stated they needed a decision by the end of March or the money could be required to be reallocated to others participating in the project. Mr. England mentioned that he has not received any proposal from Farmer's Telephone.

The 2013 dog tags are now available at the Rico Town Hall. Please come and register your dog (s). All dogs are required to be registered with the Town of Rico, contact Town Clerk Linda Yellowman at 970-967-2861 or stop by the Town Hall with a copy of your dog's rabies certificate.