A new face at the Dolores Library

JAY MANN is the new assistant library director at the Dolores Public Library.

There is a new face at the Dolores Public Library.

Assistant library director Jay Mann started this month at the library and he is enjoying his new job.

"I am so happy to be here," Mann said.

Mann has already been hitting the cross country ski trails and can't wait for the snow to thaw to try out the bike trails.

"It's a wonderful community, and I wanted the opportunity to be part of that and help that in every way I can," Barry said.

Barry also has a background in biology and agriculture.

He even helped discover a previously unknown ant species in the rainforests of Peru.

Even with his science background, Barry said he could never get away from libraries.

"I wanted to help people more in the service industry," he said "I love public libraries because I believe it is one of the few institutions that offers free, equal service to whoever walks through the door."

Mann was a librarian at the Seattle Public Library and the University of Washington and at the Albuquerque Public Library.

The biggest challenge to libraries in the future is breaking the digital divide. People walk into the library who are just starting with computers and there are others who are looking to download e-books, he said.

Mann said he is looking forward to offering more classes and programs at the library.

"Community input is always suggested," Mann said.

Mann is happy with the library.

"Carole has done an amazing job," he said of Carole Arnold, the library director.

What are some of the books on Mann's list?

He is currently reading "Angle of Repose" by Wallace Stegner.

He also enjoys "Wind-Up Bird Chronicle" by Nejimak-dori Kuranikuru.

Mann also said that it is important to "keep current with the changing needs of the community (which can vary by age group)."

He is looking forward working with Arnold and the board and the staff

"This is an excellent library," he said.