An indomitable spirit


A light has gone from my world and the Four Corners area too, but I believe, in another universe, a star is shining brightly and there is great rejoicing.

My dear friend, Pati Temple, has made her transition and her family and friends are filled with sadness.

Pati and I met in 1978: we were both newcomers to the Durango area. Pati and David had bought a ranch in Bondad and were beginning a new business: Animas Valley Arborist. Gordon and I were building a log house out on the East Animas and starting our new life. Pati and I met and became friends at the old Mercy Medical Center; she worked in Admissions and I in the billing office in those days.

There is no way to fully describe the wonderful human being that was Pati Temple. I guess you could concentrate on her love and devotion to animals. I would call her the Mother Teresa of the Animals. They were her children and she rescued and saved more creatures than I know about. When Pati and David moved to their ranch in the Cortez area, she became an advocate for the National Mustang Association and in particular with the Spring Creek Basin mustangs. This was one of her special areas of devotion but all creatures were her friends and she worked tirelessly on their behalf.

If I had a wish to preserve in some way the memory of Pati Temple it would be to ask you to care for all animals. Give those who are part of your life extra love and attention. If you can, donate your time or funds to the animal shelter in your area. Report any incident of animal cruelty or neglect to the proper authorities: Pati had no respect for those who did not respect animals.

Those of us who loved her will remember Pati and keep her memory bright. Rest now, dear friend.

Peggy Burton

Mount Vernon, Wash.

Via email