This is now the Obama economy


What a surprise! A liberal columnist blamed the Bush administration for our economic problems. Should I remind Kevin Russell Cook that the Democrats controlled the House and Senate for the last two years of Bush's second term? Or is that off base? Because apparently I'm not allowed to tell him about the democratic majorities in 2009 and 2010. By the way, they call that a "Super Majority" because the Democrats ruled all branches of government. During that time their crowning achievement was to pass a behemoth health care bill that no one understands and despite what they promised us, will raise the cost of health care. Never mind that the majority of Americans were opposed to it, they still rammed it down our throats.

I've got news for Mr. Cook: This is now the Obama economy. He is the one who has put us almost seventeen trillion dollars in debt. People like Mr. Cook need to pull their heads out of their sand trap, stop blaming others and realize we cannot maintain this current rate of spending. It's economic suicide for our children and grandchildren.

Grant Moore


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