Just once in your lives, think for yourselves


I just can't quit laughing at the stupidity of this president and his community organizer act. He doesn't stay in DC to work out the problems but runs around the country spending millions of dollars to stir up the people to help advance his socialist agenda. To do this, he turns one group against another. Doesn't have to make sense because that's just the way community organizers work. His mentality will never change so you can look forward to his final term being just what you're seeing now. The truth is he doesn't know how to govern. He leaves that to the sheep who follow him blindly, and we see how well that works.

This sequester nonsense is a prime example of utter and complete insanity. They're not cutting any spending. In fact they'll still be spending more this year than last. The cut isn't to current spending but to the automatic increase in spending that really shouldn't be tolerated anymore. Just once in your lives think for yourselves, do a little reading now and then out of your comfort zone and learn a few truths. Both sides of the aisle need their comeuppance right now.

Catherine Spencer


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