New high school is a bill of goods


It seems as if the people/taxpayers of Cortez and the surrounding area have been sold a bill of goods. I speak, of course, of the recent bond issue that will fund the construction of a new high school. My understanding from reading all associated news articles was that once the funding for the new high school was secured, local emphasis on "local" entities would be used to facilitate construction. This, I trust, includes design.

Why is it, then, that according to a recent Cortez Journal article, the architect chosen for the the new high school is a firm from Albuquerque? Apparently there are no architects in Cortez or the surrounding area. I wait with bated breath for the announcement to be made regarding the award of construction contracts to various other out of state companies.

Stan McNeil



Editor's note: No Cortez architects submitted proposals because of the size and scope of the project. Several Durango companies are part of the team assembled by the firm that was awarded the contract, Dekker/Perich/Sabatini, including architect Dean Brookie, Earthly Ideas (LEED certification), and Goff Engineering and Surveying.