Being responsible will help me through life


Have you ever participated in science fair or have you conducted any long term science experiments? Even though it might have been a long time since then, you probably still remember it a little bit. In my experience, I went through a long process that took more than two months. I presented my project in the cafeteria at the Dolores Middle School on Dec. 18, 2012.

To get ready for Science Fair, I had to do multiple things such as pick an experiment from several that I liked, write a hypothesis, build a model boat with keels, conduct the experiment, record data and much more. The experience was awesome. What I really liked was designing my presentation board to make it look cool. I also had fun conducting the experiment, because who wouldn't have fun testing a boat in a bathtub? I had a great time with it even though I had to stay up late, and it did get pretty frustrating to do so much work. I learned that you have to be responsible and complete all the steps on time. Being responsible will help me through life like when it comes to getting a job. It was an experience that I will always remember.

Jameson Wahlquist