Sage grouse ruling is the epitomy of tyranny


The proposed ruling on the Gunnison sage grouse from the USFWS, is the epitome of tyranny. There is so much fraud involved in this, it would take an entire page to list it all. But just for starters, let's look at the abuse being put upon the Ute Nation.

The USFWS cannot usurp the treaty rights of the Ute Nation, but they do.

The USFWS cannot usurp the United States Constitution, but they try.

The USFWS cannot usurp the Colorado and Utah constitutions, but if we don't wake up, they will!

We all must get involved in this issue. Write your comments with your reasons for the opposition to the listing. Get out and talk to others and remind them that this is the legacy they will leave behind for their children and grandchildren.

Linda Cunningham

Dove Creek