Another way to help local teachers, students


I would like to thank the people of Montezuma County for their support of our schools. Having the support of the community means so much to our students. They know that education is important and they feel as if they matter. The support we have received as educators has made our jobs a little easier.

I would like to give the community another way they can support local teachers. is a wonderful website where teachers can go and create projects for their classroom. Donors go there to find teachers to support. Donors can choose which teacher to support and how much to give - a donation as small as $1 will help to fund a project.

Community members here can go onto and search for Montezuma County to find local teachers and ensure that their donations help local teachers. Some local projects include a music teacher looking for iPods to help her students practice and perform music, and a teacher who is looking for puppets to enhance her students' writing. There are more, and more will come. This is a website that changes often, so if you don't see something you like, check back later.

To help a local teacher, log onto Look for the box labeled "community." You can put in the zip code and click on "community," or click on "community" to bring up a page where you can search by state, county, city and district on the left side of the page.

I hope that some will take this opportunity to help local teachers and students. I know in my classroom, my students feel good when they know that someone cares about their education.

Karyn Shipman