The reason for the Republican image


In response to Mr. Moore's letter, the points I made in my piece (published in the Cortez Journal on February 28th) are hardly liberal ones. Perhaps to him any points of view less than extremely conservative ones seem liberal.

Mr. Moore fails to grasp my argument. No matter who the present economy actually belongs to, the voting public has the perception that Republicans are largely to blame.

As for the period of his so-called Democratic "super majority," here are some facts. During 2009-2010 Senate Republicans sustained 73 of the filibusters they initiated - a near-record number. This number has been surpassed just once in the entire history of the Senate, that being in the Congress preceding.

Any political party which wishes to do more than simply obstruct must leave its ideological ghetto long enough to gain some understanding of how and why it is perceived as it is. If Republicans can do that everyone will be in a position to benefit.

Kevin Russell Cook


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