Lots of art on display

IT'S SNOWING GREAT PHOTOS & OTHER ART: This Saturday (March 9) is the deadline for submitting your snow photos and your snow art! Bring everything to Raven House Gallery on Grand. The show will open with a fun party on Wednesday, March 13 from 5 to 7 p.m. as part of the annual Mancos Melt. Enter as many pieces as you'd like, the entry fee is still only $3 per piece.

ALSO ON GRAND: Olio Wine/Art/Food has a new show with paintings by June McCartney's landscapes. Enjoy a glass of wine, a fabulous dinner, and some new art! June's paintings are colorful, abstract, but realistic landscapes ... just in time for spring. Lots of green, just what we're all yearning for.

VAMPIRES & ZOMBIES: What should I be? A vampire? A zombie? Whatever ... win prizes at the Mancos Melt Costume Contest. The winners will be announced at The Columbine at 8 p.m. on Saturday, March 16. How horrible you can make yourself? Maybe you can be part of a zombie family by getting yours friends together as a group! Just part of the Mancos Melt fun weekend.

SUPPORT THE HERITAGE PROJECT: This project, a joint project of the Mancos Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Mancos Valley Arts Council to beautify our town, and drive traffic and tourists to our charming downtown. Elements of the first phase are a mural on the west wall of Mancos Liquors, landscaping at the intersection, and a general cleanup of this area. Back this effort by going to the Chuck Pyle fundraiser concert at the Millwood on Saturday night, March 9t, kicking off at 8 p.m. with opener Katya Chorover. Tickets are only $15, can be purchased over the phone (with the Millwood) with your credit card. "Will Call" table will open at the Millwood the night of the concert at 7 p.m.

CALL FOR ENTRIES - CARS, HORSES, MASKS & ???: The Mancos Town Gallery as three group shows scheduled for 2013. "The "Car Show" will open on May 23. Any medium is welcome, whether 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional, photo, painting, metal, whatever! The next extravaganza will be "The Horse Show" with the same parameters. If you bring it, we will show it. After that, there is an opening for an as-yet-determined show running from Sept. 13 through Oct. 18. The final show of the year will be "The Mask Show" coinciding with the Halloween season, and the annual "Day of the Dead" Arts Council members appreciation party. This show will open on Oct. 25 and run through Dec. 6. We are interested in showing art by as many local artists as possible. If you have an idea for the September/October show, please let me know. Please contact Dian Law if you want to participate in any of these exhibits.

Contact Dian & let me know what's happening in the arts community. I'd love to publish info about your event, show, concert, play, whatever! Call me: 970-533-7536. dhlaw4367@gmail.com.