Why are they still in charge?

We are a nation divided, but not nearly as much as many would have us believe.

Which raises a question.

If most of us live in the valley between the left and the right, why are we run by the fringe? If so many have made a conscious decision not to be sullied by their mud, why - how - are they still in charge?

We wholeheartedly believe America has as much wit, wisdom and commonsense as it ever has. We believe those with the most American of ideas and ideals have chosen to keep their talents outside of the wasteland of politics. We see them every day, leading our businesses, teaching our children, fighting our wars, doctoring our wounds, keeping our streets safe.

Maybe the time has come for a watershed moment. Maybe that moment is a viable third party. And maybe it's as simple as a requirement that "None of the Above" be added to each and every ballot. Our guess is a surprising number of Americans would vote "present" rather than for what's "less wrong."

If there's a better choice out here, we would be happy to hear it.

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