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.A deputy was called to a scene as a covering officer for a deputy who had conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for weaving. He told the covering officer that when he spoke with the driver he smelled the odor of an intoxicating beverage coming from her. The driver also told him she had drank ten beers. The covering officer asked the driver to exit the vehicle. As she exited, she used the door to steady herself before walking to the back of the vehicle. The covering officer could also smell the odor of an intoxicating beverage coming from the driver and noted her eyes were glassy and her speech was slow and slurred. When the covering officer asked her what happened tonight she said she and her boyfriend were drinking at a local bar. When he asked her how much she had to drink she stated six beers, that her boyfriend had drank more than her and that is why she was driving. The first deputy asked her why she told him she had drank ten beers and she said, "Yeah, but my boyfriend drank more." The covering officer asked her if she had ten beers and she said yes. The driver was unwilling to perform roadside maneuvers. The covering officer asked if she didn't want to perform the maneuvers because she drank ten beers and she replied yes. She was placed under arrest for DUI. The driver refused consent to a blood or breath test. Her car was locked and left on scene per her request. She was left in the care and custody of the jail staff.


.Two deputies patrolling HWY 160 observed a vehicle traveling west, towing a trailer with a non-working tail light. They initiated a traffic stop and contacted the driver and a front seat passenger who both gave the deputy proper identification. One of the deputies asked the dispatch to check both parties license statuses and for any warrants. He was advised that the passenger had an active felony warrant for felony menacing with a real and/or simulated weapon. The deputy initiated a high risk contact and another officer was sent out. The deputy gave verbal commands to the driver to exit the vehicle and walk backwards to the sound of his voice. At the same time the second deputy observed an unknown number of objects thrown onto the side of the road from the front seat. The deputy ordered the passenger to get to his knees. The third officer arrived to assist. One of the deputies located the objects thrown out of the passenger side. The objects recovered were a hard black leather bifocal case and a long glass chemistry beaker. Inside the leather case was a syringe, a glass pipe and two smaller containers which were indicators of intravenous use or smoking of a controlled substance. One of the small containers contained a white powdery substance which after testing came out positive for cocaine. In the chemistry beaker the deputy found two pieces of aluminum foil, one that appeared to have burnt marks and a brown residue on it. There were also five plastic baggies located, two of which contained a white powdery substance. This substance was tested and was also positive for cocaine. The total amount of cocaine was found to be three grams. All of the items were placed into evidence. The passenger was placed under arrest and was advised of his Miranda Rights. When asked if he understood he replied, "Yeah officer I understand and I will talk to you." When asked why he threw the bifocal case out of the window he replied, "I know it was a controlled substance and paraphernalia and I will take full responsibility for them." The vehicle was released back to the driver and the passenger was left under the care of the deputies.


.A deputy was patrolling HWY 160 when he observed a sedan with Colorado plates traveling westbound and following the vehicle in front of it too closely. Both vehicles were traveling at approximately 65 MPH in a posted 65 MPH zone. The above vehicle was half a car length behind the vehicle it was following. The deputy initiated a traffic stop and contacted the driver. He asked for her driver's license, registration and for current proof of insurance. She gave him a New Mexico license which was checked and ran for warrants as well. The dispatch advised the deputy the driver's license privileges had been revoked in the state of Colorado for an alcohol related offense. The driver was with a younger brother so the deputy issued her a proof of service and a summons. The vehicle was left in her possession and her mother was called to come pick up the passengers and the vehicle.


.A deputy patrolling north Broadway observed a pickup traveling southbound and failing to use the lighted lamps on the vehicle when required. The deputy initiated a traffic stop. Upon contacting the driver he could smell the strong odor of an intoxicating beverage coming from the vehicle. The deputy also observed the driver's eyes as being blood shot, watery and glassy and his speech was slurred. The deputy advised him of the reason for his stop and asked for identification. He told the deputy he had an ID and if he could exit the vehicle to retrieve it. As he exited the deputy observed two twelve ounce glass bottles of Budweiser in the cup holders. When the driver got out of the vehicle his balance was unsteady and he had to lean against the vehicle to get his wallet out of his back pocket. The deputy asked the driver if he was okay and he replied he was fine but still intoxicated. The deputy asked him when his last drink was and he replied around three hours ago. He said he was partying at a friends house all night but took a nap in his truck. When he awoke everyone was gone so he left. The deputy checked the driver's license status as well as for warrants. He was advised the driver's privileges were revoked due to two alcohol violations. The deputy asked the driver to walk to the back of his vehicle and while doing so he had to use the vehicle for balance. The deputy then asked if he would perform some roadside tasks and the driver replied he was probably too intoxicated to do them. The deputy asked if he would be willing to do a voluntary breathalyzer. The driver said he would but he would probably fail. He was advised that he did not have to complete the test but said he wanted to see how intoxicated he was. The result of the breathalyzer was .240. The driver was placed into custody and also chose to consent to a blood draw. The deputy performed a probable cause search of the vehicle and found a full .375 mL bottle of Black Velvet and two unopened 16 ounce cans of Budwesier. On the passenger floor board the deputy observed three empty 12 ounce cans of Budweiser and two empty 11.2 ounce cans of black cherry fizz. The deputy transported him to the hospital and advised him of his rights. He understood and the deputy was able to ask him questions. The deputy asked if he was drinking at a house or in his vehicle and he stated inside of the house mostly but he might have drank a little in the vehicle. The deputy asked if he could remember how much he had to drink and he replied he had drank quite a bit. Blood was drawn from the person's arm and he was then transported to jail and left in custody with the jail staff.


.A deputy was northbound on HWY 160 behind a small vehicle also northbound. He observed the vehicle cross over the white colored fog line of the roadway with both passenger side tires three times. The vehicle later turned off HWY 160 and crossed the dotted yellow center line of the roadway with the driver side tires. The deputy activated his emergency lights to initiate a traffic stop. While traveling behind the vehicle with the emergency lights on, the vehicle failed to pull over. The deputy bumped the siren and air horn but the vehicle still refused to yield. They continued on HWY 160 northbound and the deputy turned on his siren. The vehicle was traveling at a speed of 55 MPH in a posted zone of 65 MPH. The vehicle was not accelerating away from the deputy. They continued for half a mile before the vehicle turned into the parking lot of the Eagle Claw. The deputy approached the vehicle and made contact with the driver. The driver was asked for his license, proof of insurance and registration which was all given to the deputy except for a license. While talking to the driver there was a strong odor of an intoxicating beverage and the deputy observed the driver's eyes were bloodshot and watery, and his speech was slurred. He also observed several gang tattoos on his arms and person. The deputy checked his license as well as for warrants. Previous gang related training led the deputy to call for backup officers for assistance. He was advised that the driver was listed as a well known gang member on his license and there were no warrants. When backup arrived the deputy approached the vehicle and asked the driver to step out. They walked to the back of the vehicle where the deputy asked him if he had any weapons. He stated no and the deputy asked to search him which he replied, "Go for it." The deputy searched and found no weapons or illegal contraband. He asked the driver if he had been drinking and he said he had drank two 30 packs. The deputy asked if he had drank 60 beers and the driver stated "No, probably like 40 of them." He also told the deputy he had started drinking at 10 in the morning. The driver was asked if he would voluntarily perform roadside maneuvers which he complied. He completed each task and the deputy determined he did poorly on each. He advised him that he was under arrest for DUI. The driver agreed to a breath test and was transported to jail. The deputy was advised en route that the drivers' license had been revoked because he was a habitual traffic offender with 14 pending cases. The vehicle was towed and the driver gave two successful breath samples once at the jail. He was left in the custody and care of the jail staff.

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