Harness energy toward a positive solution


How thankful I am that J.A. Keane is so fortunate to live in a place that has access to beautiful parks and mountain views, living alongside people who are friendly, considerate and kind. This comfortable life is a testament of the quality of life to be lived here in Cortez. Thank you, J.A. Keane, for your efforts in helping to manage trash in the park.

As darkness balances light in the world, and as grief balances joy, and as labor balances reward, etc., our lives on earth reflect perfect balance. The better balance we have in our lives, the better balanced we are as individuals and the greater opportunity we have to be productive contributing members of our communities. If everything in our world was perfect, we'd be out of balance as individuals. We'd miss valuable life lessons instilled in our character through the ways in which we react and respond to adverse situations or to others who are less fortunate than we, those who are perhaps subjected to mental, emotional, or physical challenges.

One's light shines best in darkness. Those who share the sentiment of fatigue for the perceived behavior of some residents who are less fortunate than they, have seemingly forgotten their good fortune. Do you earn enough to support a home and yourself? If so, do you understand the plight when someone works but doesn't earn enough to support the standard cost of living? Have you ever suffered from some type of addiction? Have you ever made a poor choice? Have you ever acted or spoken in ways that you later regret?

Let (s)he who is without guilt cast the stones.

Rather than complain, I suggest harnessing this energy toward a positive solution. One example is community support and collaboration that would enable the Bridge Shelter to operate 24/7 rather than overnight only, and yearlong rather than seasonally. This would reduce the trash situation in the parks, offer an alternative space for their lively discussions (rather than on your front lawn), and alleviate the necessity for constant police intervention.

Elaine Bridges


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