So very tired of the ignorance


First of all, I'm astounded that there aren't many other people that are commenting on this very ignorant letter. Tells me a lot about today's community here in Cortez. Either most of the community agrees to let someone like J.A. Keane ("So very tired of the drunks," March 1) speak for them or they read it, shake their heads and go on with their day. Second, I'm not going to hide behind initials. My name is Nicole Foster. I'm a born and raised Cortez citizen from day one and also proud member of the Ute Mountain Ute tribe. I am very active in both my Cortez and Ute Mountain communities so I feel as I am very qualified to speak on behalf of both.

I find it disturbing that one race can be singled out for what every other race is just as guilty of. Anyone can sit back and complain but what do you think should be done about it? The action you chose isn't going to help the situation but rather create hostility and resentment.

I'm not commenting to make excuses for anyone, but it bothers me that no one thinks this could be a "common" problem rather then a situation that affects every person involved in our community. Your concerns are about the tourists (a majority come here for Native American artifacts and culture) and what they think and see. Well what about your common community member? Does it not bother you that you black-balled a good percentage of your fellow residents that are Native American?

So now I wonder, will everybody read this letter and go on with their day, again?

Also, anyone who has read Chris Barnhouse's letter (Feb. 16) can clearly make the distinction between his issue with dead animals along the highway and Keane's issue with drunkenness, unless (s)he was referring to these fellow human beings as dead dogs.

Nicole Foster



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