Can you believe this president?


Can you believe this president? He made trips all over the country to try to organize people to jump on the Republicans over this silly sequestration. Once again, there were no cuts to spending. Cuts were made to the automatic increased spending. Overall they have more money for these agencies and programs and are spending more this year than last year. How long does it take people to wake up to this con man who has perpetrated the biggest fraud this country has ever seen?

He seems to be on the outside looking in with no suggestions, no debate, nothing constructive, only plays the blame game over and over. This man simply doesn't understand what it means to be president and that he actually is supposed to govern and make decisions. If he actually made a decision or jumped into the fray to debate then he could be held accountable. That's not his style. No budget since he's been in office because his buddies in the Democrat Senate simply won't do their job and he does nothing.

I know we have to put up with this nincompoop for four more years but we don't have to applaud his inability to behave like a president. Media, please stop covering up for him and speak out.

Catherine Spencer


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