Rico Fire Department looks over budget

At the regular Rico Fire Protection District Meeting in February, under Public Comment Gregg Anderson brought up that the Rico Fire Protection District would like to thank the Rico Center and could publicize the good that they have done for the Fire District by hosting a cookout this summer, perhaps in June or August 2013.

Under the Approval of Financial Report and Accounts Payable, Bookkeeper Karen Moore stated that she had made a number of changes to the financial report in an attempt to make it easier to read and clearer, but that she still had some questions for Majors and Haley in regards to the budget. Mrs. Moore said that she had combined the $4,500 in Appropriated Reserve and the $5,000 in Capital Outlay into a single $9,500 line item under Capital Outlay- Vehicles. She stated that she still had questions for the accountants in regards to the starting fund and ending fund balances and that the -$79 net income for 2013 in her report is due to the opening/closing reserve issue. Mrs. Moore stated that she split the category "Supplies and Equipment" into three separate categories for Fire, Ambulance and Search and Rescue, allotting $500 to each. She stated that the utilities line item could be broken out into: Propane, Water, Phone, Trash and Electricity. Mrs. Moore and the RFPD board agreed that grants, if received, could easily be added into an amended budget once the award amount and match were known. It is still not clear how grant income shows up in the Majors and Haley report. In regards to the $4,500 for vehicle replacement, the Board agreed that the goal was to put $4,500 from the general fund into the capital improvement fund for 2012 and 2013. Mrs. Moore also noted that the Rico Hose Company account was overdrawn. According to Chief Todd Jones, he needs more money in that account to purchase oil and belts for the new snowmobile. The board directed Mrs. Moore to transfer $400 from the general fund to the Hose Company Account and directed administrator David Kunz to set up a 30-day net account with the Fun Center.

In regards to the pension account, Mrs. Moore explained that she and Linda were the two signatories on the account and that any changes to the pension payout or beneficiaries would require two weeks to reallocate the necessary funds.

Mrs. Moore also explained that she understood if the Rico Fire Protection District would rather use a local bookkeeper.

The Rico Fire Protection District moved to approve the financial report and the bills as presented.

Under Administrative Report regarding Grants/Rico Center, David Kunz explained that the year-end report had been filed for the Rico Center Grant, with the exception of the funds held over until the end of May for the EMT class. Mr. Kunz explained that the Rico Center grant had been amended, extended and re-extended for the EMT class and asked if the Board wanted to pursue the additional $500 for the snowmobile or to revert it. The Board directed Mr. Kunz to revert the excess funds for the snowmobile.

CORSAR fund: This is money through Dolores County SAR from the State SAR fund. The award is approximately $1800, which must be invoiced by June 2013. The money will probably be used to put on a rope rescue class and purchase rope and climbing gear.

FEMA/AFG grant: This is an approx. $50k grant for new structural fire PPE. No news yet.

SWAHAC grant: $36,800 for new SCBA's. The purchase order was submitted.

El Pomar/CFRF/VFA: Mr. Kunz contacted Scott McDermid about teaching a red card class in Rico the week of April 22nd. Cost is unknown but is supposed to be reasonable.