Hate the addiction, not the addicted


Just finished reading the Keane letter, and Nicole Foster's letter to the editor. Thank you, Nicole, for standing up and speaking and for not just going on with your day. My advice to Keane is, put your property up for sale and move on.

I believe you said, although I'm not quoting you, is "Why do I have to live here and put up with this?" My answer to you is, "You don't!" The beauty of a country with 50 states in it, plus Puerto Rico, is you can move anywhere. Michigan has some great property deals. Could probably buy the entire city of Detroit for a really good price.

Moving here in 1979, there have always been drunk people in the park, and I hate to break it to you, not all of them are Native American. To single out one group, is fairly limited to what they call...racism.

When I see the drunk people in the park, I feel sorry for their addiction to such an insidious disease. Yet if you go to the Giant past 12 a.m. you may find yourself in the mist of a tweaker rally and talk about a wasted life, and there are far more Anglo people in this town addicted to meth and alcohol than any amount of drunken Indians in a our beautiful parks. Within the past 18 months, at two local bars, there were two men stabbed, the victims, and the perps were white.

I'm proud to be Native American, an Oklahoma tribe, but still part of a wonderful culture, of love, culture, and beauty. Hate the addiction, not the addicted.

Kelly Parker


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