Feeding cats, skunks, foxes, coyotes ...


Did you know that the local "Humane" Society is feeding skunks? For Pet's Sake!

Yes, they have a feeding station. It says on the little tag that they are feeding the "stray cats." There are six bowls of cat food and water and - get this, six big plastic crates with straw for them to live in comfort and make more babies.

Do they not know that neither cats nor skunks nor foxes nor coyotes nor dogs nor badgers can read?

In the past couple years I have trapped and killed 10 skunks here in my neighborhood and know of other neighbors who have also trapped them. Now I am wondering how long this feeding has been going on. No wonder our neighborhood has been plagued with skunks!

For those who live in my neighborhood, this concealed little "feeding station" is located in the sage brush behind Dairy Queen, J Fargos, Pizza Hut, and Subway. You might check the sagebrush and wooded areas in a two mile-radius of your neighborhood as well, because if this is the way For Pet's Sake works, I am sure that there must be bunches more of these. No wonder they always have so many cats to adopt.

I know that For Pet's Sake is no longer on my donations list.

Cheryl Holdorf


Via CortezJournal.com