The tribal government is at fault


From my own experiences of living on the reservation, I can say that there is not a whole lot of financial stability, particularly because lack of work and severely limited employment opportunities. Of course, you have the alcohol that also goes with that, and alcohol is really is a problem on the reservation. It is easy for the hundreds of non-Indian people who have high paying jobs with titles, benefits and drive tribal vehicles home, to see us that way by putting us in the past and keeping us there. So they don't have to deal with us and realize that we are here today. We are human beings here on earth, who have endured terrible times and we are still having a hard time.

The biggest challenge facing us is our tribal government, because every time we try to do something positive, for ourselves it appears that someone has jealousy issues and always pulls us down and stops us from progressing and changing our situation. Until that is corrected, we will always get the short end of the stick. But in reality, today, a large percentage of Indian people are struggling just to make ends meet - struggling so much that sometimes they can't even recognize hope. So we drink and urinate in your beautiful park. Sorry - what has a man to gain the world and lose his soul.

Rich Lehi