League of Women Voters recognize Sunshine Week

To the editor,

March 10 - 16 is Sunshine Week, an annual nationwide effort to call attention to transparency in government and freedom of information. It is a reminder to us about how important it is to make our voices heard all year long, not just on Election Day.

We all have the right to know what our government is doing - both its successes and failures. Exercising our right to know gives us - the public - power. It allows us to contribute to our government and hold elected officials accountable. But these laws are only as good as we demand that they be.

For decades, members of the League of Women Voters have acted as government watchdogs at the federal, state and local levels. We monitor Montezuma County]'s budget, watch County Commission meetings, and hold them accountable. Make your voice heard and join us in keeping Montezuma governments and agencies a healthy, vibrant and strong community for all.


Lou Burkett, President and Jodi Foran, Past President

League of Women Voters of Montezuma County and City of Cortez