Sheriff's Blotter


.A deputy traveling eastbound on Main Street observed a black sedan with New Mexico license plates traveling westbound with a small child, unrestrained, standing up between the passenger and the driver. The deputy contacted the vehicle and the driver identified herself but did not have any type of identification. The driver advised the deputy of the child's age and said he refused to sit in his child seat which was located in the backseat. The deputy had dispatch check the name he was given and was advised she was clear but in pretrial services out of Montezuma County. They advised him to have the driver perform a portable breath test. The driver agreed to this and blew .000. She was released with a warning and was told to respond to the sheriff's office immediately after her release. After contact with the driver, the deputy was informed she did not show up to the office. She was contacted by phone and denied ever having contact with the deputy. The deputy and the driver both went to the sheriff's office and the deputy noted the female was not the one he contacted in the vehicle. The female at the sheriff's office explained that the driver was her sister and gave the deputy the driver's actual information. She requested to press charges on her sister for using her information. She did not get along with her sister and did not know where she was living. The deputy checked the new information and found that the driver is on probation and is a community correction client out of Colorado Springs. She also has felony warrants in Colorado for flight-escape and larceny, and a felony warrant from New Mexico for fraud. The deputy contacted the driver by phone but she hung up when he asked her questions about the traffic stop. When he called back her phone was disconnected. The deputy contacted the passenger who claimed he was not in the vehicle during the stop. There are currently warrants out for the driver for criminal impersonation, false reporting to authorities and fail to properly use an approved child restraint.


. A deputy was called to HWY 145 for a subject en route who was thought to have an existing warrant. The responding deputy located the vehicle southbound on HWY 145. When he turned to follow the vehicle he ran his license plates and discovered the plate on the vehicle had been reported stolen. The deputy performed a traffic stop based on a felony theft warrant and unknown if the vehicle was stolen or not. The driver was placed under arrest after verifying the warrant. After being placed in the deputy's vehicle he was advised of his rights and agreed to answer questions. He asked the driver where he stole the registration plate from and he stated he took it from a friends car. He asked the driver if he stole it from the friends car and he said he had. The driver consented to a vehicle search and no illegal contraband was found. The driver was taken to the county jail and the vehicle was towed.


.A deputy was patrolling HWY 160 when he observed a SUV matching the description of a vehicle belonging to a person with an active felony warrant for burglary, larceny and embezzlement out of San Juan County. The deputy contacted the vehicle and upon approaching the driver recognized him, from prior contacts, as the person with the warrants. The driver was wearing a brown wig on his head to try to conceal his identity. The deputy had the driver remove the wig, which he did, and he placed the driver into custody. Upon searching the person he found a hypodermic syringe in the left front pants pocket. The person advised the deputy the needle was empty. The needle was secured and placed into a Biohazard container for disposal. The vehicle was released to the passenger

and the driver was transported to jail where he was left in the care and custody of the jail staff.

.A deputy was dispatched to the police department to speak with a lady regarding fraud. When he arrived the woman proceeded to tell him about a situation of fraud after she submitted an ad on Craig's List for cleaning services. She received a response from a gentleman seeking cleaning services for a wedding anniversary. They confirmed dates and the victim sought partial payment by check. The check was out of Illinois and included the amount due to the event planner. The gentleman requested the victim deduct her partial payment and send the balance to the planner in North Carolina. The victim deposited the check into her bank and was told it cleared. She then sent a moneygram to the event planner after deducting her partial payment. She received a call from the bank saying the check was a fraud. The victim made several attempts to contact the other party without success. The deputy tried to contact the check sender and each time a male answered and hung up. Copies of the correspondence and the check were given to the deputy. Because the other party's whereabouts are unknown the case was closed and the woman was adivsed to use caution while using Craig's List.


.A deputy traveling south on HWY 160 observed two subjects scale a fence and enter private property north of the HWY. He contacted the subjects behind G Whiliquors previous location and asked if they reside on the property. They claimed no legal right to the property. The deputy asked for names and dates of birth. The female's information turned up no search results. He asked her again and she gave him a different birthdate. Again no record was found. The dispatch did find a different name with the first birthdate she gave him. A photo sent confirmed the female, and she was found to have a warrant. The male subject also gave two different names before correctly being identified. The male was found to be on pre-trial release and probation with alcohol provisions. The deputy asked if he had any alcohol on his person or in his bag. He said there was an unopened bottle of alcohol in his bag. He retrieved the bottle for the deputy when asked. He was placed under arrest for violating his pre-trial conditions. During the search the deputy discovered another bottle of alcohol. The male finally gave the deputy his real name and records showed he had a warrant for failure to appear and not pre-trial release as earlier found. Both subjects were booked into the jail on the above warrants.

.A deputy was contacted by another deputy in reference to crimes committed by a person on pre-trial supervision, with conditions of no drugs or alcohol. The person was found to have tested positive for THC. The deputy asked the person about his use of marijuana and he explained he tested the strength for his patient. He claimed to be a licensed caregiver for Colorado. That same day he was questioned he presented a notarized official medical marijuana registry form claiming he was a licensed caregiver for another person. Following up on his claim, the deputy sent a letter to the state health department's fraud division asking about the caregiver. He received a reply stating that person was not a licensed caregiver, nor was he registered to have a medical marijuana card. The document presented to the deputy was forged. The person was informed of the charges brought to him at the county jail where he was already incarcerated for prior charges. He was informed of his Miranda rights and asked to speak to his attorney before being questioned. He was placed on a felony hold and left in the care of the jail staff.


.A deputy patrolling Broadway northbound, observed a white sedan fail to stop at the stop sign on a street adjacent to Broadway. The vehicle entered the highway and almost struck his patrol car. The deputy activated his emergency lights and turned around to initiate a traffic stop. The vehicle rapidly accelerated south on Broadway making a turn east onto Arbecam street. As the vehicle turned it jumped the curb and came to an abrupt stop in an intersection. The deputy exited his vehicle and gave the driver loud verbal commands to exit the vehicle. The driver complied and was placed into custody. Other units were called to assist. The driver was placed in the backseat and advised of his rights, which he waived and agreed to speak to the deputy. He was asked how much he had to drink and he did not reply. He was asked if he would be willing to perform voluntary roadside maneuvers and he refused. He also refused all testing. The deputy noted that the driver's speech was slurred, and his eyes were bloodshot and watery. There was also a strong odor of an intoxicating beverage coming from his person. His license was checked, as well as for warrants. Dispatch advised his license was revoked for an alcohol related offense. The assisting deputies performed a search and found open alcohol containers inside the vehicle. The driver was transported to the jail and there consented to a pre-entry portable breath test. The result was .152. The car was left on scene per the driver's request and he was left in the custody of the jail staff.