Speaking of community pride


As for the letters regarding my letter of March 2 ("So very tired of the drunks"), please let me state:

I did not say it was a "common" problem nor did I mention the rest of the community. Read the Free Press and its crime wave section to see what we are faced with daily.

I am speaking only of the public parks in this city. I am speaking of things I see every day.

That is all. The fact that the public parks are near the Methodist Church is why I mentioned the situation that I see. I have called the police because of persons passed out on my property.

I did not mention dead dogs. Another letter-writer did. I mentioned Chris Barnhouse's letter because he was speaking of community pride. So am I. I would never associate dogs and people as one. I mentioned the tourists in passing. That is not the substance of my letter. But, would you stop in a city where there are drunks hanging around or passed out in plain sight? You asked what I would do about it. I am herein trying to do something. How about legal action?

My reason for writing is simple and straightforward, so allow me to reiterate: I am tired of the drunks in the park. I am not black-balling anyone. I can plainly see what I stated. I am tired of obscenities being shouted. I am tired of people sleeping on picnic tables where unsuspecting people later eat their lunch. I am distressed when I see people vomiting. Tired of the bottles and clothing left behind on the ground. I called the police concerning people on these very cold mornings because I was worried about them.

As for the first letter ("Go back to wherever you came from," March 5), history has claimed my home. My family came here decades ago for safety and for the fact that we had nothing left.

I sign my letters with initials because that is what my mother decided it should be. Take it up with her.

J.A. Keene