City should build north of Empire


I just returned home from a Sunday morning walk in the city parks. I remembered an article I had read in a recent Cortez Journal describing the city's tentative plans to build a new city hall in the park somewhere. I am opposed to this idea. The parks are for the recreation and enjoyment of city and county residents as well as tourists and visitors.

Our parks already have several buildings within their boundaries including the library, Justice Building, city police station, rec center and Colorado Welcome Center. Let's not take up precious open space with yet another building, especially when just across Empire Street from the police station is a relatively vacant commercial park for just this kind of project. It makes more sense to me to construct a new city hall in that space. Rather than taking open space away from our residents for a new building, the city could enhance the appeal of the vacant commercial park with an attractive new building, appropriate landscaping and adequate parking. Perhaps such a project would create impetus for further development in that area to the benefit of us all.

Rick Meredith