School District moving forward

The Dolores School District is moving forward following an embattled decision that even by the school board admission, was divisive to the community.

Last week, the board voted 5-0 to end the ban on "hateful symbols" which included the Confederate Flag.

The school board also directed Superintendent Scott Cooper to hire a mediator that will come in and heal the split between the community.

Cooper said Wednesday that he was researching possible mediators to come in and have conversations with the school district and upset parents who have formed a group called the SPC or Student/Parent Coalition and meet regularly.

Cooper said he hopes to have a mediator lined out and will bring a full plan forward to the next board meeting, March 26.

Cooper said he thinks the mediator will likely come to the school district in April. In addition, the high school student government students have moved forward with a plan to bring Jamie Utt to Dolores. Utt is a diversity and inclusion consultant.

In addition, a community survey was sent home to parents. The survey, which must be turned back no later than March 20, asks the community if they believe the school board and the superintendent are doing a good job.

"It is the same survey that went out last year," Cooper said.

Cooper said the results will be given at the March 26 meeting.

In addition, a District Accountability Advisory Committee survey has been given to parents and teacher conferences. The survey asked a variety of questions, some of which had to do with early release Wednesdays.

The DAAC is expected to go over the survey results at its meeting at 4 p.m. on March 26 in the District Office board room.