Antler collectors in Colorado are cautioned about chases

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is asking antler collectors scouring the backcountry for fresh sheds to refrain from putting stress on deer, moose and elk that still struggle with limited forage and cold weather.

Collectors use antlers to make furniture and works of art. While collecting antlers is legal, some collectors chase animals in vehicles in hopes of finding fresh antlers. This conduct is unethical and illegal, which can result in significant fines.

"We caution everyone to be respectful of animals still dealing with tough conditions," Lyle Sidener, area wildlife manager in Hot Sulphur Springs, said in a statement. "Loud noise, fast-moving vehicles and other disruptive human activity is a serious concern because it can stress the animals."

A slow approach can result in better luck finding antlers and it will be less stressful for wildlife, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife statement said.