What were we thinking?


Last night I woke up thinking about something dumb I had done many years ago. All I could think of was, "What was I thinking?" The truth was, I wasn't thinking. It just seemed like a good deal at the time and it was something I wanted. I forget there is always a tomorrow and there is always a price to pay.

Then my thoughts turned to President Obama. His father was a Muslim who hated the United States. His mother was raised in a communist home as an atheist. She remarried another Muslim. President Obama was raised as a Muslim. He went to a Muslim school. After his mother left her second husband, she lived with her communist family. Obama's grandfather chose a communist mentor for Obama as he was growing up. Obama went to college in California, choosing Muslim friends, who saw to it that he traveled back to Kenya. Then he went to liberal universities where the professors were either socialist or communist. He associated with either socialist, communist or Muslim students. The only Christian church he has ever attended preached radical hatred for the United States.

The truth is, our president has no idea about democracy, history of the United States or Christianity.

So then I thought, what were the people in the United States thinking when they voted for President Obama? Did they think they were going to get a born-again Christian, with knowledge of our country's history and a love for democracy?

What were we thinking? Did we forget about tomorrow and the price we have to pay?

Darlene Chandler