Why do liberals want government control?


Maybe someone can help me understand the liberal thought process. Why do they seem to believe that every detail of our lives should be controlled by the government? Do they believe that the rights of the individual that they wish to relinquish to government control are only the rights of the other guy? Do they not own a mirror? Is it possible that they may wake up some day to discover that their own rights are also gone? Or do they feel so inadequate that they believe they can not control their own lives or make decisions of their own without government regulation?

It seems strange that people around the world are dying to free themselves from an oppressive government and our liberal friends are working as hard as they can to create more government and more control. Possibly they need to live in a country under a tyrannical government for a year or two to test this thought process. I have often asked if there were a limit to the things they wished to control? Now that question has been answered by one of the great New York liberals. A law to limit the size of the soft drink you are allowed to purchase is just about as far out as you can get. It would be hard to visualize anything more controlling than that.

Richard Kipp

Pleasant View

Via email