Not all Coram constituents are Republicans


The following letter was sent to state Rep. Don Coram in response to his commentary in the Cortez Journal on March 9.

Dear Rep. Coram:

After reading your column in the Cortez Journal, I felt I needed to remind you that not all of your constituents are Republicans. I happen to be a registered Democrat, several of my friends are Independents, there may even be some Libertarians among us, and I do believe there is a strong contingency of Green Party folks in your district. Several of us actually voted for you. It is my understanding that an elected official is supposed to represent everyone, not just a select few.

I read your column thinking I would be getting an update of legislative activities. Instead, I read denigrating comments about the Democrats. It is this kind of rhetoric which continues to exacerbate the ugly rift between the two parties. Needless to say, I'm disappointed with your lack of professionalism.

Terri Helm