School board hears from audience

In Monday night's school board's public participation, Lorraine Becker spoke to the board about the article she saw in the paper about the censure against board member Bev Humiston. "If someone has a complaint against me, I try to deal with it myself," she said. "The supervisor is responsible to try to resolve it. To me, what you did was a witch hunt. In this country you are allowed to see who is attacking you."

In the last board meeting, Humiston was censured by the board for two activities that she was accused of doing.

Bob Becker also spoke to the board about the same issue. "I also have some problems with the way things were handled," he said. "I have been involved in many boards. If anybody came to me with a complaint, I asked for it in writing. I could look into it and take action on it. Until someone comes forward and it's in writing, it's hearsay ... I've lost a lot of confidence in the school board."

Debbie Colyer spoke to the board about the timeline for hiring teachers, which she understood was going to be on the meeting agenda. "The board has known about the need for teachers at the high school for some time, and I'd like to know why nothing has been done," she said. Theresa Titone, administrative assistant, told her that ads had been posted on the website that afternoon, and that they had also been sent to the papers. Board member Chris Kloster told her that if you put out an advertisement in mid-year, you're going to get "uncontracted" applicants.

The board recognized the Atmos Energy donation to the school for a new furnace and the science fair winners. Linda Chapman, from the Colorado Association of School Board, presented information about the Colorado Integration Project.

The board approved the following items:

The resignation of Jill Frey as high school language arts teacher;

The resignation of Caroline Glover as head volleyball coach;

The resignation of Carolyn Knauer as teacher's aide at the Early Learning Center;

The resignation of Lynne Carpenter as high school social studies teacher;

The hiring of Jake Baur as high school language arts teacher for the rest of the school year.

Humiston is requesting a complete set of school board policies and procedures. She said they were supposed to get them when they came on the board.