Moving on ...

On March 14, 11 people were laid off in the Cortez Journal office. As the Mancos Times editor, I was one of them. There were advertising assistants, reporters, graphic artists and custodians among those laid off. The management from the Durango Herald let us know, gave us information about our options and how to apply for unemployment. Our last day is March 29. I have until the March 27 issue to be the editor here and then I'll be looking for something else.

There will still be a Mancos Times. There will be a reporter presence in Mancos one or two days a week. And those of you who send stories and photos in can continue to do so. In fact, it will be even more important now than before.

If you have a photo of your student playing a sport, getting an award, graduating or doing something else that is noteworthy, please feel free to send it in. If you have a story or photo opportunity, you can call the Cortez Journal and they will try to send someone to cover it.

Because of newspapers moving to the digital age and more people reading newspapers online, revenue has decreased in newspapers everywhere.

However, it is my hope that physical papers never go away. I love to hold a paper in my hands and read it wherever I want, without having a computer in front of me. I feel the same way about books. But I know that changes happen and progress goes on.

It has been a joy and a pleasure to work as your Mancos Times editor. I have tried to keep the news local and to include everything about Mancos and the people here. In Mancos there is a lot happening almost all year, and it was difficult for me to keep up at times. I feel that I did a good job representing the community.

The email to submit information will remain the same -

Jeanne Archambeault

Mancos Times editor