Critter Parade thanks

To the editor:

It was a great morning Saturday for our Critter Parade. The weather was nice and our participants were great! Here are the winners for the parade:

Kiddos - 1st Place- Morgan & Shyann with their horse/donkey "Vampire Zombie Slayers";

2nd Place - Lucas Keen with "Emma Lou" Border Schnullie "Little Vampires"

3rd Place - James with "Geraldine" Golden Retriever "Vampire"

Adult: - 1st place Rena with "Spikey" Mixed Irish Wolfhound "Count Spike"

2nd Place - Jama Collins "Honey Boy" Chi poodle mix "Vampire"

Thank yous to the following for the great prizes & certificates: P & D Mancos Pizza, Barbara Welch, Valley Video, Healthy Hounds & Fat cats, Pet Haus, Lakeside Bowling,

Great job to all of you who participated!

Leslie Hopkins

Mancos Parks and Recreation