Sheriff's Blotter


.A deputy was dispatched to a convenience store located on HWY 160 in reference to a vehicle window being shot out while driving on the highway. The deputy spoke with a woman on arrival who said she was driving south on HWY 160 and had her sunroof partially open. As she was traveling south there was a white truck with unknown license plates traveling north. As the vehicle approached her she could observe three native American males standing in the back of the truck. One of the males was holding what appeared to be a rifle. As the vehicles passed each other she heard a loud pop and observed her sunroof shatter. The victim was unable to get a better description of the suspects. She pulled over to inspect the damage and observed her sunroof was shattered to pieces. The deputy investigated the window but was unable to locate what might have caused the damage. The victim filed a claim with her insurance that estimated a value of $2000 for replacement.

.A woman contacted the police department stating a man was in possession of a handgun. The deputy dispatched to the case had the man checked for any existing warrants. He was advised that he was clear of warrants but had an active restraining order that prohibits him from possessing or purchasing firearms. He was also on pre-trial release with bond conditions of no possession of firearms. The deputy contacted the woman by phone, at her boss's home, who told the deputy when she arrived home that evening she noticed her boyfriend was carrying a different handgun than normal. Her boyfriend, whom she shares the residence with, always carries a particular handgun on his belt. She described the pistol to the deputy and noticed the handle of the new gun was not the same. When the woman asked her boyfriend why he was carrying a different pistol he said he gave the other gun to someone else. He told her he gave it to the above mentioned male because he claimed his life was in danger from "having to wear a wire." The woman drove to the male's house and parked outside, honking the horn until he came out. When he did she requested he give her the pistol back so no one would get into trouble. The male told her to get off of his property. She threatened to call the cops and he said call them. The woman left his residence and went to stay with her boss where she reported the incidence. The deputy, after hearing the woman's report, contacted her boyfriend. He reported the male told him his life was in danger and he was receiving threats from when he wore a wire to record a conversation. The boyfriend went to his home and gave him his pistol so he could protect himself. He said he knew he was a felon but didn't know that meant he couldn't protect himself. The deputy was advised the male was currently on an active restraining order that prohibits him from possessing or purchasing firearms, as well as the male being on pre-trial release with conditions prohibiting the possession of firearms. He was advised it is illegal for him to have access to or possess any of his firearms for any reason. The man understood and advised the deputy that before he called the man had returned the pistol by placing it in his mailbox. The case has been forwarded to detectives.


.A deputy was traveling northbound on HWY 160 and observed a blue sedan traveling northbound in front of the patrol vehicle. The sedan had an inoperable driver's side brake lamp and displayed expired New Mexico license plates. The deputy initiated a traffic stop and contacted the driver. He was notified of the reasoning for the traffic stop and was asked why he was driving a vehicle with expired registration. He stated he did not have his driver's license and that the vehicle belonged to his mother. He also stated he did not have registration or insurance on the vehicle because it hadn't been driven in awhile. He verbally gave the deputy his name and dispatch confirmed his license status was expired and confirmed the vehicle registration's expiration date was in 2011. The driver was advised the vehicle could not be driven without insurance and he couldn't drive without a license. The vehicle was towed and the driver was issued a summons. The deputy gave the driver a courtesy ride to a nearby place so he could await a ride.


.A deputy was dispatched to Totten Lake in reference to a stolen bike. The reporting party was contacted and they reported their grandson had his bike stolen fom the lake where he was currently. They also reported their grandson had autism and would need a ride home. When the deputy arrived the boy gave the exact time when he left his bike near a tree by the boat ramp on the east side of the lake. He walked to the west side and came back to find his bike gone. He said he saw one vehicle at the lake, a white truck, but when the boy asked them about his bike they said they did not take the bike or see who did. The deputy asked for a description of the vehicle and the people inside but the boy could not give a description of them and could only report that the vehicle was a white truck. He described the bike as being a green colored mountain bike worth $400. The deputy canvassed the area but was unable to locate the bike. The boy gave the deputy his bike's serial number and it was entered as stolen. He then gave him a ride back to his residence. There are no suspects at this time.


.A deputy was traveling westbound on Main street when he observed a male subject cross the street not in a marked crosswalk, causing the vehicle directly in front of his patrol car to come to a complete stop in the roadway. The deputy contacted the subject and told him why he was contacting him. He asked for his name and if he had anything illegal on him. He identified himself then said he had a beer tucked into his waist band. He grabbed it and placed it on the ground before the deputy could tell him not to reach for anything. The deputy could smell the odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage coming from him. Dispatch was asked to clear the subject which he found to be clear but he did have a restraining order prohibiting him from possessing or consuming alcohol. The deputy asked the subject how much he had to drink and he said three beers. He had the subject perform a portable breath test and it showed a reading of .124. He was placed in custody and was transported to the jail and served with a summons. He was left in the care of the jail staff.