Can't wait for next year's science fair


Memorization, sweat, tears, intensity, being judged, and writing are all a part of my science fair experience at Dolores Middle School. We first started the school year hearing about the challenges that we would face during the middle of the year. We then began learning about the science fair we discovered that we could choose any project that we wanted, and when I heard that, I immediately thought engineering. I grew up learning about wires, cords, plugs, electricity, and other sources of engineering. My dad owns Four States Tire and Service, so when it came to assembling the project I knew who I could ask for assistance.

You might be wondering what I decided to do, right? Well, I made an AM radio transmitter. I made a circuit board that I plugged into my iPod and it would transmit music to a radio nearby. It was peculiar to think that back in the 1900s (probably your day) there only existed AM and FM radio to listen to, but nowadays we listen to satellite radio. The transmitting towers send signals to a satellite in the sky then send them to radios equipped with satellite capability. Most cars have this luxury today. Satellite radio eliminates any static that you hear on AM or FM stations.

In the end, I made it to regionals and was taken aback at what I was witnessing: 200 kids trying their hardest to get to state. I knew I had a chance, but was proud that I made it as far as I did. I finished out a great year at science fair and can't wait till next year!

Aryelle Wright

Dolores Middle School