Rico officials work to thaw frozen pipes

At the regular Rico Town Board Meeting on March 20, under public works Dennis Swank reported that the town has been working on the main line on Mill Road by opening the fire hydrant and running the water late at night to try and thaw the water out. The town thawed four water meters in Silverglance Way and is working on two more. Brian Lewis of Lewis Excavation is helping the town dig some of the frozen lines up.

The town plowed snow and removed snow on Highway 145. Mr. Swank stated he worked on some equipment and the service loader.

Town Clerk Linda Yellowman stated for the year 2012 sales tax from the State was $79,588.93. Utilities were $28,465.62 and Retail Sales was $51,123.31.

The Rico Argentine Grille has re-applied for a liquor license and their application will be on the April 17 agenda for approval. The 30 notices have been posted and the application is on file at the town hall for review.

Town Manager Michael England reported the letter to the SWCCOG related to the town's decision not to participate in the proposed SCAN Project has been sent. The Rico Telephone Company nor Farmers Telephone Company is not willing to step up and cover the $25,000 grant match as they had previously indicated to the town and SWCCOG. The SWCCOG will re-appropriate the town's grant portion to the other existing members.