Spring is here, finally

To be followed by more winter, I'm sure

Another beautiful week of weather greeted Dolores residents and as the first day of spring rolled around, the signs of winter being over were everywhere.

First, the Dolores High School baseball team was seen out on their field for the first time. They have been practicing indoors, in the gymnasium. Coach Chris Barry says he hopes his team will greatly improve as they can now play where the game is meant to be played: outdoors.

Students were also seen outside at the school gardens this week.

Bucky Sparks was welcoming the spring weather. As a plumber, he said, this hard winter was actually good to him. As the temps. drop for long periods, that is often good for area plumbers as pipes and plumbing equipment isn't too keen on cold weather. Sparks said it was a good winter for him, maybe not so much for the rest of us.

Another sign of spring, the third-grade class making its annual tour of Dolores. Every year the third-grade students set out on walking field trips to explore the town they go to school in. They learn a lot of history. Expect to see a special section in May,put together by the students about everything they have learned about our town.


The Beautiful Loser Society, a band made up of largely Dolores people, is back with a long-awaited live show at the American Legion Hall in Cortez. Saturday night March 30th at 8:00pm, $5 at the door. Come listen and celebrate their new release "The Desperate Promenade". CDs available on iTunes and on CDBaby.com. And if you can't make this show, head over to the Sideshow this Saturday night to see the talented lead singer of The Beautiful Loser Society, Chuck Barry, perform with his wife, Rosie. Also, Rosie will have her art on display. We have some serious talent here in Dolores.


Don't forget to attend the Fifth Annual Dolores High School Talent Show on Wednesday March 27. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the show starts at 7. Tickets for the show cost $5 and all proceeds go to local Montezuma County nonprofits. The Dolores students Leaders in Community Service put on this annual show. Expect to see singing, dancing, musicians and even card tricks and one student who is really amazing at solving the rubik cube.


Many Dolores students will be headed to Durango Saturday for the Destination Imagination competition. This event is usually difficult to describe to those that haven't seen it, but it encourages kids to use their imaginations and it is always exciting to see what our students can build and come up with. The students will be performing most of the day Saturday at the Durango High School.



March 22 - Kylene Bruski, Alexandrina Lopez, Jordan TylerBarney

Happy Anniversary to Jerry & Ranae Eshelman.

March 23 - V. T. Boyd, Ray Medina, Randy Uptain, Amelia Jean Pfotenhauer, Aliena Michelle Umberger, Regan Dianne Umberger, Donald Hammell, Heather Hammell, Bill Ortiz, Dylan Schaffer

March 24 - Monte Johnson, Stella Lancaster, Travis Rantz, Cael McHenry, Taybree Grider

Happy Anniversary to Bob & Mary DeWeese

March 25 - Rudy Vallejos, Mike Chadwick, Amber Rai Goodall, Sarah Renee Wofford, Sarah Marie Powell, Thelma Peck

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March 27 - Lorna Crook, Lloyd Johnson, Paul Alan Thompson, Melanie Filener, Hannah Graham, Jordan McHenry

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