Thanks to many for all the help

A very debilitating accident left me unable to care for my animal shelter for the greater part of the past year. Had it not been for the kindness, generosity and hard work of so many caring people, we would have not survived. Our heartfelt debt of gratitude to Carol Hartley, who gave up a trip to Hawaii to take care of our 70 orphans, to Patti Thomas who gave up many hours of her personal life to take care of me, and to the following:

Nanny McDeb - Debie Schmitt, Jennifer and Ken Caveney, Dr. Shane Cote of Montezuma Veterinary Clinic, Beth Griffitts

Thomas Overington, Randy Funk, Audrey Allmon and Family, Marion Berry, Jerry Berg, Bud Crawn, Marvin Graves, Ann Miller, Sandy Peterson, Bill Pendrey, Karen Ramos, Pat Requena, Pat and Dick Richmond, Kathy Roatcap, The American Legion, The Pet Pad, Taylor Plumbing, Comfort Aire.

Everyone who sent prayers, get well wishes, donations to the shelter and visted me in the hospital and rehab and kept my spirits up.

Much appreciation to Dr. Cynthia Johnston, Dr. Kayse Lake, and Dr Robert Heyl, for literally getting me back on my feet. Thank you all and forgive me if I forgot to mention anyone.


Louise Long