Obama voters wanted their freebies to continue


The letter from Darlene Chandler in the Journal on March 16, "What were we thinking?" was very good. Chandler asks what the people this country were thinking when they voted for President Obama? She cited many good reasons for the question.

I believe most of the voters that voted to re-elect Obama were thinking of themselves and the continuing government handouts. Many of those voters have been receiving benefits from the Government for their entire lives. Many have never worked a day in their lives. With Obama re-elected, they feel they will continue to receive freebie living. They believe what they receive is "government money," and have no idea where the government gets the money. They don't realize all of those benefits are paid for by hardworking citizens through taxation. They don't know the welfare money tree will one day die and their support will die with it, as soon as the government runs out of someone else's money.

Del Denney


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