Volunteers are the backbone of our community


What I wish I had said ...

There are many, many people in this community who work tirelessly to meet the needs of others. Their efforts may not end with something as tangible and visible as a new high school, but they are the backbone of our community and need to be recognized and thanked. In addition, family members and friends often provide the support that makes their work possible and it is greatly appreciated and deserving of thanks.

Take a moment to think about who you see impact our community and send them a card, take them to lunch or just acknowledge what they are doing. If you are able, find a passion and give time to your community. Whether it is a short- or long-term effort, it can make a huge difference to others and to yourself.

Thank you to all the great 3B committee members and supporters who helped do all the work and got it passed! The diversity of the group spoke volumes about the importance of education regardless of backgrounds and beliefs. Thank you, Orly (Lucero) for your work as co-chair and Alex (Carter, Re-1 superintendent) for the many times you joined us to share information about Re-1 and answer questions.

Don, Zach and Mali Brunk, and my parents, Mary Anna and Larry Hanback, deserve special recognition for helping in so many ways at home and with schedules. Congratulations also go to MB McAfee and Johnny Moser; you guys rock!

Becky Brunk


Editor's note: The Cortez Area Chamber of Commerce on Saturday honored Brunk as the Cortez Journal Citizen of the Year for her work in passing the Re-1 ballot issue to fund construction of a new high school.