.A deputy was dispatched to a rural property for a report of a break-in. The owner of the property was out of town and the residence was being looked after by a neighbor. Upon arrival the deputy cleared the house which had an open door on the northwest corner and a broken window on the west side of the house which contained a muddy footprint on the window sill. Whoever had broken in had also replaced the screen on the window. The deputy noticed broken glass on the bed and another muddy footprint on a blanket located on the bed just inside the window. The deputy observed footprints that went through the kitchen and into the back bedrooms. Several valuable items through the house had not been disturbed. The reporting party spoke with the deputy upon exiting the home. He said he was the neighbor to the owner of the residence and was asked to watch the house. He hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary until he came back from town and saw his neighbor's flatbed trailer oustide the home. He went to inspect the residence and noticed the lock on the chain around the gate had been cut, the handle on the back door was slightly slanted, and when he opened the door he saw the broken window. The witness reported the trailer, two dirt bikes and some fence panels were missing. The deputy contacted the owner of the home after taking pictures of the scene inside. Outside they noticed tire tracks backed up to the fence and boot prints on both sides of where the vehicle was parked. The deputy spoke with the owner of the home who was already advised about the situation from the neighbor. The bikes stolen were a Yamaha 450 and a Honda 200. The window was valued at $400 and the trailer was valued at $2800. His wife was contacted about the value of the fence paneling. Both bikes were entered into the NCIC/CCIC. There are no suspects at this time.


.A deputy was dispatched in response to a suspicious female walking along a county road. The deputy contacted a male in that vicinity who said he got into a verbal dispute with his girlfriend and he had gone for a walk. The deputy asked him to take him to the residence of the female to make sure she was okay. At the residence, the deputy contacted another male who attempted to walk away when the deputy approached him. In his right hand the deputy noticed he was holding a small plastic bag. When asked, the male said he had nothing and placed his hand behind the fence. He was advised to keep his hands where the deputy could see them. When his hand came back into view the deputy saw him tuck the bag under his sleeve. The deputy asked if he could check his sweater and sleeves to confirm what he saw. The male agreed and the deputy found a blue plastic bag in his right sleeve. The bag appeared to contain a crystal like substance consistent with methamphetamine. The deputy asked the male what the substance was, he said he was unsure and the female replied that it was in fact meth. She told the deputy she asked him to hold it when they arrived but he was unable to get to his car in time. Both parties agreed it was the female's. The deputy questioned her about the argument. She said her boyfriend left on foot, she followed him but the altercation worsened so she went back to the home. The argument never became physical. The deputy also noted that he could smell an odor of an intoxicating beverage on her person. When asked about consuming alcohol she said she had consumed a couple of shots and a beer prior to the deputy's arrival. The deputy asked about the meth and she said it came from a friend who did not know she had taken it. She was placed under arrest for unlawful possession of a controlled substance and consumption of alcohol by a person under 21. She was read her rights and agreed to speak with the deputy but would not answer the question of who she got the meth from. She was taken to the jail and left in the care of the staff.


.A deputy was requested to assist another deputy during a traffic stop. On arrival the deputy was informed the traffic stop was made because a vehicle was weaving and impeding the normal flow of traffic. The deputy contacted a female standing at the rear of her vehicle. He immediately smelled a strong odor of an unknown intoxicating beverage and her eyes were watery and bloodshot. The deputy asked her if she had consumed alcohol and she said yes she had drank a few mixed drinks. The deputy asked her if she would be willing to perform voluntary roadside maneuvers and she asked if she would go to jail if she did. The deputy advised her they were voluntary and would help him better determine her intoxication level. She said she knew she wouldn't pass the roadsides and as she began to stand up from leaning on the vehicle she lost her balance and nearly fell over. She looked at the deputy and said "see." She swayed in a circular motion as she continued to stand without leaning. The woman was asked to confirm what she drank and she said she had four or five shots. He asked again if she would perform maneuvers and she said "I don't know, I just woke up and was going to pick up my son from the casino, can I call someone to pick me up?" The deputy asked if she would be willing to take a PBT and she agreed with the result of .210. Before the deputy advised the woman she was under arrest she turned around, leaned on the vehicle and placed her hands behind her back saying "let's go." She was placed under arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. She was transported to the jail and left in the care of the staff.


.A deputy was responding to a criminal mischief claim. Upon arrival to the residence he observed a small hole in a window of the residence that was facing southwest. It appeared to be caused by a small flying object. The reporting party was contacted and he stated he thinks the damage was caused by a BB gun. There are no neighbors across from the party so he believes it was done by someone driving down the road and shot a BB gun from a vehicle. He was home and heard the object hit the window but did not see anyone or a vehicle. The party estimated the window was valued at $800 and he stated he did not have insurance on the residence. Photos were taken of the damage and there are no leads in the case or suspects.


.A deputy was advised to contact a reporting party by phone regarding a theft. The party reported a document holder and a Glock handgun had been taken from his pickup which had been left unlocked. The deputy then went to his residence. When he arrived the reporting party and his wife said they arrived home the evening before the crime and left the pickup unlocked. When he went to start the vehicle this morning he noticed the missing items. He then showed the deputy a set of tire tracks at the southwest corner of the residence that he claims were not there the day before. The serial number was given to the deputy. The handgun was bought in Grand Junction for approximately $570. The document holder was valued at $10. The deputy asked the couple if they knew someone who may have stolen the items and the wife said her ex husband has stalked her in the past and was arrested locally last year. She told the deputy she does have a protection order. The deputy asked if her ex husband knew where she lived and she did not know. They could not locate any further evidence such as footprints or latent finger prints. Photos were taken.


.Sometime between August 2012 and March 2013 unkown person's entered an unsecured storage trailer and removed items of value. A reporting party was met by a deputy on March 23. The party owns the trailer and the property where it was located. The items within the trailer belonged to the party's brother and they had been stored there since August of last year. He said he went to the property the day before and noticed someone had entered the trailer. The unknown person had ransacked all the boxes stored there, dumping them all over the interior. A number of items had been taken. Tire tracks were also pointed out to the deputy that seemed to have been made since snow melt within the last three weeks. The tracks, trailer and interior of the trailer were photographed and submitted as evidence. There are no suspects or additional evidence at this time.