Enforce the law or resign


Since when does any county sheriff have legal discretionary authority to set aside, overlook or otherwise subvert state law? Since when is a rural county sheriff the sole legal arbiter of what is or is not constitutional according to his own personal whims, political agendas or religious beliefs?

What if a sheriff should decide he doesn't like the state's new marijuana laws and declares the "evil weed" in any amount shall remain illegal in his juridsiction? What if a sheriff should decide the state's motor vehicle code is unenforceable ? What if he should decide the state's game laws are unconstitutional and that state game wardens have no authority in his jurisdiction?

What if he should decide anything about state laws he dang well pleases?

Dennis Spruell has stepped in a couple of legal cowpads since his election. In my opinion, if he cannot in all good conscience administrate and enforce the laws of the State of Colorado with a steady and even hand, he should have the courage of his convictions and resign.

H. C. Petley


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