Why bother even having a sheriff?


I read that limousine liberal sheriff and great waster of dollars, Dennis Spruell, is choosing not to enforce the law with great amusement.

"The (new gun) law is unenforceable," he said. Using the sheriff's logic, no law is enforceable, so why bother even having a sheriff? I mean, it has been almost a century since Bonnie and Clyde terrorized the West, and bank robberies still happen, so why bother trying to stop them?

For every drug dealer Sheriff Spruell has put in jail, 10 more have shown up to take their place. So why bother? The sheriff is an expert in fleet underutilization. The department has a bunch of low MPG Connecticut soccer-mom grocery getters for police cars, and each car spends more time parked in the driveways of deputies than they ever spend out on patrol. Since, by his own admission, the sheriff is impotent to enforce laws, why are taxpayers on the hook for this waste of tax dollars known as the underused Montezuma County Grocery Getter Fleet?

If the sheriff wants to decide which laws get made (and enforced), perhaps he should run for the legislature.

Nels Werner