School board sets record straight

A mother asked the Dolores School Board of Education Tuesday night to clear her son's record.

Late last year, a student placed a hateful display in the room of a teacher at the Dolores High School. Following the incident, the school administration banned all "hate symbols" including the Confederate flag.

Brenda Hindmarsh told the board Tuesday, that she wanted the board to officially set the record straight that her son, who is often seen driving a truck with a Confederate flag on the tailgate, was not involved.

"Since this incident, he has been implicated and has been called a racist," Hindmarsh said.

Last month, the school board lifted the ban on the Confederate flag and other "hateful symbols" to the applause of many. But Hindmarsh said her son was never involved in what the administration called a hate crime at the time.

After asking them to set the record straight, Superintendent Scott Cooper agreed.

"He was not involved in any way," Cooper said.