Ready or not it's time to move forward

Dear Editor:

At the School Board meeting this last Tuesday supporters came out of the woodwork to pack the boardroom and validate the positive work from the school board and the current administration. The negative bombardment that was becoming status quo has been turned upside down. It's time to move forward with a new consensus of social tolerance and academic (not athletic) excellence. It's time to move forward with long awaited building improvements to modernize a new learning environment. It's time to move forward with a school district political system based on respect, professionalism, and proper civil discourse.

I do see the positives from all the criticisms. Without these people speaking their minds the problems may have never come to light. However, constructive criticism gave way to overreaching. For me the apex was when the Denver based attorney hired by upset locals wrote publicly a laundry list of untruths playing the legal game of seeing what will stick. The attorney representing the Dolores School District reputed all the accusations with accurate descriptions of true events. Dolores found itself in the crossfire of a irrational legal entanglement fueled by personal resentment. Certain parents viewed the school board and administrators as inept due to subjective conflict. Objectively there is always a bigger picture and the well being of the community at large should be considered first.

We live in an era of political polarization but Dolores can move forward with exemption to this. We need to work within the system. Stability within our schools can only be achieved when we give these people a chance to succeed. I know some feel as if they are not being heard, I know that some feel as if there requests are being ignored, and I know that everyone should feel the freedom to express what they feel. However, it is certain truth that positive support will achieve a higher level of progress than negative discourse - especially at the grassroots level.

In conclusion I would like to personally thank all who have had input during these tumultuous months for it takes people from all walks of life to propel us into the future. It's these opposing viewpoints which give us balance. Because of the age of my children (I have a 1-year-old and a 6-year-old) I am planning on active participation in this process for the next 20 years. I thank all that have come before me and all that I am currently with. Simply put, we are in the same boat, we have a common purpose (our kids and our community), and we share one other thing: we share this time in history together.

P.S. Give it up for School Board President Allan Thayer. His leadership has really shown what perseverance is all about and without him and his critical thinking we would find ourselves in that same boat but without a plug for the leak.

Jim Lein

Montezuma County