Thanks from the Baers

Thanks for all the support we received when our son, Ryan Baer died; for the prayers; the cards; the phone calls. Thanks to St Anthony's North in Denver for the exceptional care they provided; to his doctors for meeting with us each day and keeping us informed; and to the nurses in ICU for the respect and great care they gave Ryan, and for all the compassion they showed us. It was amazing to see his friends came to the hospital to see him, and the kind words and stories they shared with us. Thanks to Father Rick with Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Denver for visiting Ryan and for the beautiful memorial Mass; to Tony Rosacci's for providing the luncheon after the service. Ryan was a chef for Tony's. Jennifer and Michelle's network of friends provided meals throughout this whole ordeal. It was so nice to know that a meal would be available for the family so we could spend our time with Ryan. Thanks to those who helped take care of the young kids when we were needed elsewhere. A special thanks to Matt, Jennifer's husband, who did whatever we needed done.

If we have forgotten anyone, please forgive us.

Max and Jean Baer