Support the Student/Parent Coalition in Dolores


Being a resident of Dolores for the past three years has given me the opportunity to meet some very caring and concerned people in our community. While I personally do not have children in the Dolores school system, I have a vested interest, as a taxpayer, community resident and child advocate, to ensure our children receive the best possible education in preparing for their future and the future of our community. I have recently become acquainted with a group of these very caring and concerned parents who have formed the Student/Parent Coalition (SPC).

The mission of this group is to support and promote academics, arts, athletics and extracurricular activities by developing a youth-adult partnership. Their goal is to foster a relationship between youth and adults where both parties have equal potential in making decisions, utilizing skills and learning from one another. Achieving this goal will promote change through civic engagement and school development initiatives.

The SPC acts as a forum for parents and students to voice their concerns and formulate a positive solution/recommendation. They interact with the Dolores school board and school administrators to positively affect changes that impact our students. I encourage anyone who is interested in the education of our youth to attend a meeting of the SPC. They welcome anyone and are open to suggestions on how to improve communication among youth and adults within our school system.

Margo Lewis