Sheriffs who will stand up and be counted


Sheriff Spruell took an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Does that give him the right to interpret the constitution? The answer is "yes", he took the oath. Why take the oath if you are going to give it lip service? Our other elected lawmakers have trashed the Constitution unmercifully; look at the Patriot Act.

The Constitution says nothing in the Bill Of Rights about marijuana, game laws, or the motor vehicle code, so those subjects are ridiculous to even bring up. If our lawmakers enacted laws restricting the people from freedom to assemble or established a state religion or restricting freedom of speech or unreasonable searches and and seizures and Sheriff Spruell refused to enforce those laws, would you have a problem if he decided those laws were unconstitutional; I think not. State sheriff associations in almost every state have determined that these firearms laws are contrary to the Constitution. I am thankful that we have sheriffs who will stand up and be counted.

David McCuskey

Dove Creek