Spruell is not a robot to the 'law'


What a joy it is to have such a man as Sheriff Dennis Spruell in office. Why? Because he is not a robot to the "law." As Pat Requena (Journal, March 28) has rightly said, an unconstitutional law is not law and is be neither obeyed nor enforced. Thomas Jefferson thought this responsibility for that determination rested primarily with "We The People." This assumes a proper, and as complete as possible, understanding of the Constitution, as intended by those who devised our system of government.

Over the last past three years I have been in the company of Sheriff Spruell as he studied, researched, and questioned the original language and meaning of that venerable document called the Constitution. While none of us can be perfect in our understanding, since we can not know the hidden thoughts of dead men, Sheriff Spruell was a quick student as he grappled with the weighty issues of then and now. I trust his judgment when he says that the new Colorado gun laws are unconstitutional as well as unenforceable. One writer calls on the sheriff to enforce all laws equally. If Sheriff Spruell is to do that, then many among us will need to more closely monitor the speedometer. And how about enforcement of the adultery law?

Bud Garner