If you don't agree, go somewhere else


Being born and raised in rural Montezuma county, I get so tired of hearing some of the opinions I read, so I think I'll quit being one of the silent majority. If you don't support the local sheriff, please go somewhere you will. If you don't think we should use the national forests, move somewhere they don't have any. If you don't think gun control is hitting what you aim at, maybe you don't fit into what this country is all about. You cannot regulate idiots; they are going to do what they want to do.

This country was built by hard work and taking care of your own problems, not having the federal government take care of you. Or the local police telling you your dog barks too much or the neighbor annoys you. You are not entitled because someone has more than you because they worked harder. Thanks for letting me vent.

Fred Phelps