Mancos waits on making cannabis retail decision

Town must decide before summer

The Mancos Town Board approved a resolution to the Land Use Code last Wednesday. The resolution entails amendments, or changes, that allow solar energy systems, removing asphalt and concrete batch plants from being allowed and adding setback language along the Mancos River and Chicken Creek. There was a final public hearing before the board approved the changes. (The Land Use Code can be viewed on the town website at

The board finally approved the Pioneer Park encroachment permit and ordinance. The part of the property owned by Kent Rath is the entryway to Nathaniel's Hat Maker, and the porch roof. A survey was done by Maness & Associates.

The board approved an ordinance authorizing the public works director to institute or rescind watering restrictions in the event that they are needed. Restrictions have been needed in the past, and because the board meets twice a month, the public works director will be able to make a decision in the event of an emergency.

The printed Mancos Municipal Code was last updated in 2010. The ordinances that are passed each week, while on the website, need to be added to the code every few years. The board allocated $2,500 for this service. This amount will be in the budget next year.

The board discussed the effects of State Amendment 64 on the town of Mancos. They have decided to wait until they know more about what the state of Colorado is going to do. They need to make a decision, either to allow retail marijuana stores or have a moratorium on them, by this summer.

The new marshal, John Cox, said that he would be hiring a new deputy in a "couple weeks".